In accordance with the law "Forest Code of the Republic of Belarus" all forests in the country are the exclusive property of the State (Article 7).

Organizations that forests transferred for management, called entities, leading forestry. On the territory of Grodno region forests are managed by several major departments, the largest of which is:

Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Belarus (territorial bodies - Grodno and Minsk State Region Forestry Board (GPLHO), the total forest area - 914.8 thousand hectares of forest Grodno GPLHO - 909.6 thousand hectares or 92% of the forest area. Grodno region;

Forests of Grodno GPLHO territorially divided between eleven forestry enterprises, members of the association. Administrative association structure is in the "About company" page.

The species composition of forests combining wide and varied. Mostly coniferous forests, which have a share of 72% of the area covered by forest associations, including the species: pine - 61%, fir - 11%. The proportion of softwood forests is 24%, including on species: Birch - 15%, black alder - 7%, aspen - 2%. The proportion of hardwood forests is 4%, primarily it is the forest with a predominance of oak (3%), ash-tree (0.2%) and maple (0.2%).

The total stock forests of Grodno GPLHO 184.1 million cubic meters. The average annual change in stock - 3.4 m3/ha. The average age of the forests is 55 years old.

Forests in which are dominated vindicative, environmental and social functions assigned to forests of the first group, and covers an area of 467.0 thousand hectares, or 51% of the total area of forests of Grodno GPLHO. In these forests legislatively restricted forest use and equipped with a special forest management regime.

On the territory of the forests of Grodno GPLHO also highlighted especially-protected natural territories of republican value, the total floor area of 179.6 thousand hectares, or 20% of the area of forest territory.

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