Area of hunting grounds in Grodno region is 1879.5 thousand hectares, of which forest - 734.6 thousand hectares (39%), field 1063 hectares (57%), wetlands 82 hectares (4%).

Hunting property were created in ten forestry enterprises. Total area of 287.3 thousand hectares (15.2% of the total area of hunting grounds), including forest - 162 hectares, 113.2 thousand hectares of wild, wetlands 12.1 hectares

At the moment, in the system of Grodno GPLHO operates 10 comfortable hunting complexes. Almost all of them are equipped with gazebos, barbecue, baths, banquet rooms.

Each year, hunting farms spend biotechnical and hunting measures aimed at protecting hunting animals, increase, preserve and improve these animal populations.

In recent years, demand has increased for the organization and conduct of hunting involving foreigners. Today, the income received from foreign hunting tourism, account for over 25% of total revenues, reflecting the high culture of the organization and conduct of hunting and leisure.

A promising direction in the development of the hunting business in the field of forestry enterprises is the organization of hunting on species that do not currently live in the natural environment. With a view to settlement of red deer, deer sika and mouflon, as well as for the organization of hunting for these types of game animals in the territory of Ostrovets Forestry Enterprise, Dyatlovo Forestry Enterprise, Ivie Forestry Enterprise, Grodno Forestry Enterprise established hunting aviaries. They are home to over 120 european fallow deer, 120 red deer, sika deer a few.

Organization engaged in hunting for foreigners on the territory of Belarus is the Republican Unitary Enterprise "Belgosohota". For more information, please visit